Telehealth is a tool that allows us to deliver Applied Behavior Analysis services directly to families using electronic telecommunication technology. Telehealth services can enhance and provide efficient care for families by creating more opportunities for parent involvement and training within the child’s natural environment. The increase in communication with parents and caregivers can result in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is widely recognized as the most effective treatment for individuals with autism. It is a discipline devoted to the understanding and improvement of human behavior, focusing on objectively defined, observable behaviors of social significance.

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech-language pathologists work to prevent, diagnose, and treat speech, language, and communication disorders. SLPs have a master’s degree in speech language pathology, are licensed by the state of CA, and are certified by the America Speech-Language Hearing Association.

Occupational Therapy

A child’s day is made up of activities and routines, or “occupations.” These occupations may be playing with toys, coloring, eating with a spoon or putting on a T-shirt. All of these activities are essential for a child’s development. Occupational therapy helps children develop these skills.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy assists in helping a child perform all physical functions required for their day such as rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking, etc. During the early years of development, physical therapy is essential to encourage a child’s growth towards independence, peer play, and overall health and fitness.

Interdisciplinary Model

The Interdisciplinary Treatment Model means that different therapies, like ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy, are provided in purposefully coordinated manner.

Social Skills

Social skills groups are a fun way to teach and guide the children participating in the group to establish and maintain social interactions with their peers. Our ABA-trained interdisciplinary team has developed an engaging curriculum to help your child be successful while addressing his or her social development.