Interdisciplinary Model

Children’s Learning Connection was founded on the principles of Interdisciplinary Treatment.  We are proud to offer this Best Practices model to children with needs in more than one area of development. The Interdisciplinary Treatment Model means that different therapies, like ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy, are provided in purposefully coordinated manner.  Specifically, our program offers:

  • Interdisciplinary Communication: Clinicians are able to communicate about your child’s needs on an ongoing basis. This ensures consistency in responding to your child’s behaviors across therapists.  Or, if a change in approach is needed, we are able to quickly communicate this among your child’s treatment team.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Clinicians work together to ensure your child’s treatment plan is both comprehensive and efficient.  Every area of development is addressed and targeted by the clinical team.
  • Interdisciplinary Consultation: Clinicians are able to easily “pull in another set of eyes” by requesting a consultation from another discipline, as needed.  For example, an ABA program supervisor may request a Speech Language Pathologist provide a consult to the ABA team to increase the rate of progress with functional communication goals.  Or, an Occupational Therapist may request a consultation from the ABA program supervisor to ensure consistent implementation of a behavior plan during occupational therapy sessions.