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M-CHAT-R Screening Tool

The official screening tool to detect Autism Spectrum Disorder in children ages 16-30 months.

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We individualize treatment and will embed a variety of ABA strategies to ensure that the child makes progress towards his/her goals.

Huntington Beach Location:

5312 Bolsa Ave
Suite 105
Huntington Beach CA 92649

The ABA Medi-Cal benefit in Orange County is administered by CalOptima. CalOptima members may reach the appropriate department by calling the number on the back of their insurance card. If you are interested in working with Children’s Learning Connection, please give our Intake team a call today to learn about how soon we can get your child started. You may then include that information in your call to CalOptima. It’s worth noting that, generally, Medi-Cal beneficiaries below the age of 21 years are able to access ABA therapy with a recommendation from a licensed physician or psychologist with a statement of medical necessity.

Accepted Insurance Plans at CLC Huntington Beach:

Services We Offer in Huntington Beach

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Center-based ABA services allow your child to learn a variety of skills in a structured environment. This setting enables generalization of skills in a less familiar environment.

Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home-based ABA services allow teaching to occur in the child’s natural environment and incorporates learning within the child’s natural routine

Diagnostic Services

If your child needs a diagnosis, we’ll connect you with a diagnostician near you who can conduct an evaluation and provide you with all the documents that will be needed to move forward.

Early Intervention

Research indicates that early, high intensity intervention, often 2-4 years old may have the best outcomes for improving your child’s development.

Social Skills Program

Achievement in the domain of social interaction greatly improves the quality of life for a learner and we place a premium on screening, assessment, and individually tailored interventions.

Parent Collaboration

It has been proven that parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy often see more progress in their children. Our clinical team is trained to build success for the entire family unit.

Occupational Therapy

A child’s day is made up of activities and routines, or “occupations.” These occupations may be playing with toys, coloring, eating with a spoon or putting on a T-shirt. Occupational therapy helps children develop these essential skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy assessments, consultations, and sessions include articulation, fluency, delayed language development, auditory and language processing disorders, and more.

About Children’s Learning Connection in Huntington Beach

Children’s Learning Connection of Orange County, CA offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and ABA therapy for children, infants and families dealing with developmental delays, speech disorders, language disorders, sensory processing disorders, motor disorders, apraxia, auditory processing, social skills deficiencies, feeding challenges, behavior challenges, and autism.

Our Mission

The mission of Children’s Learning Connection is to provide the highest level of clinical expertise to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for the individuals and families we serve.

Our Vision

Children’s Learning Connection strives to give hope, support and paths of progress for children and their families living with Autism and related disorders. We believe that a tailored, comprehensive care plan managed by our exceptional clinical talent, partnered with love and commitment from the family, allows each child to achieve his or her maximum potential.

Meet Your Huntington Beach Team



Anh Nguyen, MA, BCBA received her Bachelors of Art in Psychology from the University of California at Los Angeles and her Masters of Art in Counseling from Loyola Marymount University. Anh has been working in the field of ABA for the last 10 years. She first got into the field because her nephew was diagnosed with Autism and was receiving early start services. She previously held direct service provider, parent trainer, and case supervisor positions. She is passionate about social skills group and providing mentorship for upcoming Program Supervisors. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” –Helen Keller

Frequently Asked Questions in Huntington Beach

Are there supplemental resources within my community that would be helpful?

There are parent organizations and resources within Huntington Beach that may be helpful supplements to ABA therapy. Please visit Regional Center of Orange County for more information.

Does CLC offer center-based services?

Yes, we do! We invite you to visit us at our Huntington Beach location:

5312 Bolsa Ave
Suite 105
Huntington Beach CA 92649

What are Social Skills Groups?

CLC’s Social Skills Groups are led by experienced and trained staff to facilitate healthy peer relationships, teach coping mechanisms, and provide tools to cope with social changes and learning healthy choices for emotional expression. Parental involvement is crucial to the generalization and maintenance of skills children will learn. Parents are trained in using techniques that are demonstrated in Social Skills Groups.

What additional services does your center provide?

We provide Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy.

Does CLC conduct diagnostic evaluations?

We provide diagnostic evaluations, such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

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