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Through a partnership with Cognoa, CLC is able to offer this quick and easy screening tool for FREE

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This tool measures your child’s developmental progress across seven key areas, then provides personalized, evidence-based activities to support their progress.

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Why Get Screened?

One in four children are at risk for developmental delay. However, most children are diagnosed with a delay after the age when treatments have the greatest impact. The results of a developmental screening are crucial for understanding the appropriate next steps for your child which could include a more in-depth assessment, diagnosis and/or therapies.

What is Screening?

Developmental screening is the practice of systematically looking for and monitoring a young child’s development across domains such as motor skills, cognitive and emotional development Screening helps professionals determine whether more in-depth assessment is the next step.

About the CLC/Cognoa Partnership

Through this partnership, CLC will provide parents the Cognoa for Child Development app. The app helps parents understand their child’s developmental progress across seven key areas, including gross motor skills and social emotional development, and suggests personalized evidence-based activities parents can do with their child at home to support their developmental progress.